Veil Guide - How To Pin a Birdcage Veil

 Birdcage veils are a popular style for adding some retro-fun to your wedding day look, but unless you're a pro hairdresser, can sometimes be tricky to figure out how to wear them! 

 The beauty of this style though is that it's actually more flexible than you'd initially think - you can wear it across your whole face, just one eye, puffed up or sleeked down - it all depends on what look you're going for, and where you place it! 

Have a play around with how much of your face you want covered. Once you've got the position nailed down, now's the time to fix it into place. Take each side at a time and play with where it sits right for you - position further up your head to create more volume, or further down for a sleeker look where the veil sits closer to your face. Pull the edge of the veil forward slightly and off the front of your face if you find it's touching your eyelashes.

Birdcage veils work great with a vintage up do or pin tucked curls, as this will give you a natural point in which to slide the comb. 


If you're wanting to wear with your hair down, or have fine or particularly shiny hair, you may benefit from getting your backcomb on, or creating a hair anchor, to give the comb something to hold onto and allow you to party the night away fret-free! 

To backcomb, once you've decided where to position your veil, backcomb the section underneath where the comb is sitting - root spray or hairspray can help put this into place. Smooth the top layer of hair down over the top, then push the comb into the backcombed section. Use bobby pins to secure either side of the comb if you're planning on some serious headbanging. It's best to use bobby pins as close to your hair colour where possible.

To create a 'hair anchor', do as before and section off underneath where you want to place the comb, and criss cross two bobby pins into place. Smooth the top section down as before, and then slide the comb over the top of the bobby pins, locking it into place. 


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